Hostin Condemns CNN/Trump Town Hall, Behar Bashes Female Host

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 4, 2023
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On Wednesday’s edition of ABC’s The View a majority of the liberal cast voiced outright disgust or some form of frustration with CNN’s planned town hall with former President Trump next week. Racist co-host Sunny Hostin condemned the network for giving Trump a platform, while Joy Behar lashed out at the woman CNN announced would host the event: chief correspondent Kaitlan Collins, who had been a White House correspondent and covered the Trump administration all four years and the 2016 campaign.

Moderator Whoopi Goldberg was clearly not pleased with the town hall as she presented the rest of the cast with these questions: “So, what is the point of this new town hall that he's doing?! And did we learn nothing from Les Moonves saying bad for the country but great for the network?!”

Hostin spoke up first and declared that a town hall wasn’t needed because she already knew who Trump was,


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