HUH? Joy Reid Insists High Turnout Means Voter Suppression Is...Real?

Aidan Moorehouse | May 25, 2022
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See the full article at NewsBusters.

Over the past year, the liberal media have invested so much time and effort in selling the lie that Georgia’s election law is racist and suppresses votes that they are actively beginning to warp reality to fit with their flawed vision. For hapless MSNBC hack Joy Reid on Monday night, this took the form of some truly impressive lies, logical inconsistency, and outright racism as she tried to claim that record-high early voting ahead of Tuesday’s Peach State primaries didn’t change the fact that those who opposed to Democratic gubernatorial nominee (and future President of United Earth) Stacey Abrams are white and racists salivating at the chance to block minorities from voting.

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