Incentivizing Terrorism: CBS Hails Ireland, Spain, Norway Recognizing Palestinian State

Alex Christy | May 22, 2024
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CBS Mornings host Gayle King and foreign correspondent Imtiaz Tyab could hardly contain their excitement as Spain, Norway, and Ireland announced on Wednesday they will recognize a Palestinian state. The duo brought all the positive adjective from “major” to “very big” to “enormous” to “significant,” but absent from the conversation was even the smallest suggestion that the three countries were incentivizing more terrorism.

King kicked things off by reporting “We have a major development this morning related to the war in Gaza. Three European governments, all U.S. allies, say they will recognize a Palestinian state next Tuesday. Now, as you know Palestinians have wanted this for decades. Imtiaz Tyab is following this in East Jerusalem and has the latest on it. Imtiaz, this is a very big deal. Can you help us understand the significance of this?”

Ireland is not an ally of the U.S., at least not in the treaty sense that the other two are, but that aside, Tyab began by claiming, “it's an enormous deal for these three European countries to do so and as you can imagine Israel has reacted pretty furiously to the move, and their decision to formally recognize a Palestinian state, so angry it's ordered back its ambassadors to Norway and Ireland and has called the plan, and I'm and quoting here, ‘a distorted step,’ as the fighting in Gaza rages on a warning now to our viewers, some of the images in this report are quite distressing.”

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