Joe Scarborough and Company Accuse Republicans of Promoting a 'Rapists’ Bill of Rights'

Margaret Buckley | August 3, 2022
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Wednesday’s Morning Joe was once again just Joe Scarborough and company reiterating the exact same things they’ve ranted about before. It seems like they know viewers just use this show as background noise while they make their breakfast, scroll through their phones, maybe even complete a newspaper crossword puzzle. This time they used the events that took place the previous night in Kansas to push their infanticide agenda, including claiming Republicans want a “rapist bill of rights.”

For short context, voters last night voted to keep abortion limited to 20 weeks in the state of Kansas, causing Scarborough and friends to rejoice as they falsely suggested it was to protect abortion outright. Because to the lefties, pregnancy means nothing if the unborn human being is unwanted.

Scarborough was so happy, he couldn’t formulate a sentence, “It—it—it was really a night,” he struggled to exclaim. He doesn’t even want to call it “abortion rights,” but “to protect the rights of women to have control over their own bodies instead of state legislators.”