Joe Who? ABC Avoids Biden’s Name for Segment on ‘Sad,’ ‘Hungry’ Afghanistan

Scott Whitlock | August 15, 2022
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[See NewsBusters for more.] ABC on Monday avoided the words “Joe Biden” while recounting one year of Taliban rule on Monday. Reporter Ian Pannell lamented how “sad,” “isolated” and “hungry” the country has been in the wake of the Taliban takeover, but never mentioned the President who presided over the collapse. NBC and CBS Didn’t do much better, saying Biden’s name just once on each network. On ABC’s Good Morning America, Ian Pannell was clearly depressed by the spiraling situation in Afghanistan. Reporting from the country, he explained, “One year after America’s withdrawal lapsed into chaos, one year since the Taliban’s victory, Afghanistan is isolated, sadder and hungrier than ever.” 

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