Jon Stewart: Your Organs Can Be Forcefully Harvested With Dobbs Ruling

Nicholas Fondacaro | July 5, 2022
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The hysteria that has been boiling over since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade was joined by comedian Jon Stewart last Thursday, on his The Problem podcast. And as you can see from the headline, things reached a fever pitch. According to this amateur legal scholar and bioethicist, the ruling meant that the government would be allowed to forcefully have your organs harvested if it meant it could save a life. He also repeatedly suggested the Court was “corrupt” and “the Fox News of justice.”

Speaking to the liberal cast of the Strict Scrutiny podcast, Stewart made his morbid prediction while admitting, “You may say I'm being crazy.” He then suggested certain states would find “the woman who’s having a baby is not as important as the potential of that life…”

And going down his warped line of reasoning, he argued the pro-life position was “to save a life, autonomy means nothing.” Thus, since “we have an organ shortage in this country” and “organ donation saves lives” they would be able to “go to a person and say ‘give me one of your kidneys because it’s going to save this person’s life.’”

University of Michigan Law School assistant professor Leah Litman, a co-host for the Strict Scrutiny podcast, built off of Stewart by claiming it would only be that way for women. “Is that person a woman or a man? Like, women, don’t have bodily autonomy. Not sure about the men’s though,” she said. “Right, the men still do,” Stewart agreed.


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