Joy Reid Attacks White Men, Heroically Defends DEI Vice President

Michael Wnek | July 9, 2024
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It’s truly always a Joy! MSNBC’s race-obsessed host Joy Reid had choice words for “white,” “privileged” Democrats who dared to challenge President Joe Biden’s disintegrating campaign for reelection. On Monday night’s episode of The ReidOut, she launched into a series of deranged rants against her favorite target and least favorite race, defending Vice President Kamala Harris from what she alleged was “the right’s new favorite slur.”

Reid opened the segment with a gloating emphasis on growing support for Biden among “the most loyal base of the Democratic Party,” black Americans, reporting on his recent Philadelphia rally in a “black church filled with actual black people.” She continued highlighting the president’s apparently incredible achievements over the weekend before spewing venom at her own party, but only those who don’t look like her:

All of that happened this weekend but please, please, privileged, rich, white, elected Democrats, you just keep publicly defenestrating your party leader and president to feed the media thirst for ‘Democrats in Disarray’ stories. Because you're scared for your own seats…I mean, you're the most important thing here, right? You and your donors, of course, not the actual voters in your party base who can't afford to see prices double on everything they buy, due to Trump's China tariffs, and who would be the first ones fired from their federal civil service jobs under Project 2025, or shot in the streets by Trump’s stormtroopers if they protest. You do you. The media is super entertained and that's–that’s what’s important.

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