Krauthammer on Kelly File: Obama Is 'Delusional' for Trusting Iran

connor.williams | August 6, 2015
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Following the president’s comments comparing Republicans in Congress to the terror-sponsoring hardliners in Iran, Charles Krauthammer eviscerated Obama's entire conception of Iran. Appearing on The Kelly File last night, the Fox personality hit the president for being “delusional...pretending that those who chant death to America are some kind of KKK fringe in America.” Krauthammer claimed that this is a common theme for President Obama: “[I]t's vintage Obama. The demonization of his opponents, the lumping them together with people chanting death to America I must say is a new low for the president, which is saying a lot considering how he does demonize the opposition, question their motives.” Krauthammer was frustrated, saying the idea that Obama is “strengthening the moderates is simply absurd.”