Latino Media Cheer Biden Push To Turn “Latino” Into A Race

MRC Latino | February 5, 2023
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NICOLE SUAREZ, TELEMUNDO: Do you ever get confused when filling out a form and they ask about race and there isn't a box that says "Hispanic" or "Latino"? 

CO-HOSTS: All the time. Yes...yes.

SUAREZ: Well. That could change in an official government document, so let's go to the news.

SUAREZ: The Biden Administration is proposing changes in the 2030 Census, as well as in other official documents, which will allow "Hispanic" or "Latino" to be defined as a race. Those modifications, if approved, would address a problem that many people have when responding to the question on race. "Hispanic" or "Latino" is not currently included as a response option. These categories are currently only recognized as an ethnicity.