Liberal Media SUPPRESS Pro-Hamas Insurrection At The White House

MRC Latino | January 14, 2024
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GUY BENSON: Our colleague Lucas Tomlinson live at the White House tonight where President Biden is managing several crises here at home and abroad. Lucas.

LUCAS TOMLINSON: And Guy, one of those crises was right here at the White House, outside the gates. It got a little noisy here last night as thousands of anti-Israel protesters showed up yelling “F- Joe Biden” and “long live the intifada”. Let's just take a listen here at what it looked like. The Park Service scrambled Eagle, its helicopter, to monitor the protest high above the White House. The Secret Service donned riot gear and ordered the evacuation of reporters from the North Lawn and any White House staff working while the president was at Camp David. They also spray-painted “Genocide Joe” on the statue of General Rochambeau, who led French forces against the British during the American Revolution, of course.