Libs STILL Gloating: Romney 'A Smelly Hobo'

radioeq | January 24, 2013
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KARL FRISCH (24 January 2013): Hey what do you think Mitt Romney was doing during the Inauguration?

STEPHANIE MILLER: Ah rocking in the fetal position weeping weeping silently.

CHRIS LAVOIE: Pumping gas at his local La Jolla gas station.

STEPHANIE MILLER: Right, looking like a smelly hobo.


KARL FRISCH: Sounds good to me.

STEPHANIE MILLER: Okay all right. Yeah I thought that was you know ah hum poor loser I’m just saying. I know everyone’s like he’s not an elected person, so but ah George Bush wasn’t there either. I mean it’s just unprecedented the sort of I think disrespect for the office.