Look Here! Nets Use Meltdowns Over Trump Comment to Downplay Biden Admission

Curtis Houck | December 6, 2023
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On Tuesday night during a taped interview with Fox’s Sean Hannity, former President Trump refused to directly answer questions about whether he’d abuse presidential powers and/or break the law if he received a second term. In turn, ABC, CBS, and NBC naturally latched onto that to hyperventilate into their proverbial brown paper bags and thus downplay President Biden admitting he wouldn’t be seeking a second term if Trump weren’t in the race.

ABC’s Good Morning America played all apocalyptic and solemn. Co-host and former Clinton official George Stephanopuolos huffed in an opening tease Trump “refuse[d] to rule out abusing the power of the presidency, if elected back into the White House” while brushing off Biden’s admission him being “candid.”