Maher Embarrasses Hostin With the FACTS of Hamas’s Hatred for Jews

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 21, 2024
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Comedian Bill Maher completely embarrassed the staunchly racist and anti-Semitic co-host of ABC’s The View, Sunny Hostin (the descendant of slave owners) on Tuesday with the facts of Hamas’s anti-Semitism while they spared over the Israel-Hamas War. Hostin repeatedly questioned if Maher cared about civilian lives, to which he left the audience stunned when he said the solution was to “stop attacking Israel.”

Venting his frustrations with many on the progressive left, Maher lamented: “It's just astounding to me that they can't tell the good guys from the bad guys. I mean, just morally.”

He told them to “just live in [pre-war] Gaza for a day” and that Hamas would not tolerate their liberal values. “Trust me, you would go running and screaming and begging to live in Tel Aviv, a place that has your values,” he implored them.