Media Spin: Helpless Biden a Victim of Circumstance, Can’t Control Inflation or Border

Brent Baker | April 18, 2022
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As President Biden is mired in approval ratings in the 30s, ABC’s This Week on Sunday delivered the developing media spin: Biden is a victim of circumstances, powerless to address the issues dragging him down, such as inflation or the out of control southern border. 

Host George Stephanopoulos proposed: “When it comes to inflation, there’s not much the president can do about it?” Guest Maria Elena Salinas agreed: “There’s not much that he can do about it.” The Univision veteran recounted positive economic trends before regretting that 
“not necessarily fact, but the perception, what they’re feeling,” is what motivates the choices made by voters.

Minutes later, Stephanopoulos asked if Republican opposition to ending Title 42, which has blocked many immigrants from crossing the border during the pandemic, is a “wedge issue that cuts against Democrats?” Salinas recounted frustrations from the left about why Biden hasn’t done more to open the border sooner, empathizing with Biden’s plight, as if he’s helpless to reduce illegal entries, “so, you’re between a rock and a hard place. It’s really difficult.” 

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