Meet the Press Libs Flummoxed By Biden’s Incompetence, Try to Spin Anyway

Nicholas Fondacaro | September 19, 2021
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As NBC political director Chuck Todd trotted out his mostly liberal panel for Sunday’s Meet the Press, the mood was dreary as they all had to cope with and explain President Biden’s incompetency on multiple ongoing crises, with him on yet another vacation. Some tried to prop up the White House by either touting the mood or by suggesting misinformation was to blame. But the lone conservative on the panel dropped the bad news that Biden was sliding towards a Carter-like legacy.

Describing everything dating back to the fall of Afghanistan as “rough six weeks” Todd looked to Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason for the “mood at the White House” and lamented it “seems as if it's only getting worse.”

Mason tried to put a bit of a positive spin on how the White House was dealing with Biden’s problems:

It got a lot worse on that Friday afternoon with all those things happening in one day. The mood is one of soldiering on. I mean, they're certainly embattled right now. But this White House has said from the beginning Joe Biden can chew gum and walk at the same time and all the people around him can do the same.