Megyn Kelly, Coffin Hit Clinton Over Email Revelations: ‘Very, Very Serious’

connor.williams | August 12, 2015
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Megyn Kelly and former Dick Cheney staffer Shannen Coffin ripped Hillary Clinton amid new revelations indicating the former secretary of state emailed classified information on through her personal server. Kelly read multiple quotes from Clinton in recent months denying the allegations, and then remarked on the 2016 presidential candidate’s inconsistent statements: “Now it turns out not just classified, top secret [information]. And on top of that, the server, the server she said she would never turn over is being turned over. In fact, we believe it is in the DOJ’s possession right now.” Coffin lamented the potential national security issues the use of a private, unsecured server could cause: “It's sensitive, classified compartmentalized information. What you call SCI. And this is the sort of stuff that the highest level of security is taken in order to protect it.” He added: “You have to have this information stored in a secure facility that's electronically swept that cell phones can't get into. And the reason for that is to protect sources and methods of our intelligence community. This is very, very serious information.”

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