'Morning Joe' Promotes Crazy Lefty 'Activity Book' That Will 'Most Definitely' End Racism

Margaret Buckley | July 19, 2022
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The lefty-catering Morning Joe took things up an insidious notch by addressing the racism supposedly running rampant and, to do so, they brought on authors of Do the Work! An Anti-Racist Activity Book, Kate Schatz and W. Kamau Bell.

A CNN documentary host, Bell is quite the anti-racism fighter, meaning he engages in racial arsonism, loves BLM, and other efforts that throw illogical, violent temper-tantrums. As we've shown over the years at NewsBusters, Bell's anything but a unifier. Here, this was the same guy who wrote an activity book “for all of the sides.”

MSNBC co-host Joe Scarborough had a copy of this “weapon of words” against racism, and read some of these activities: “You’ve got the separate, but not equal crossword puzzle, one I'm looking forward to. And actually, my kids and I are going to get around the table tonight and play bootstrapping the game.”