MRC’s Bozell Sounds Off to Mark Levin on ‘Frightening’ Media Coverage of Trump Trial

Curtis Houck | May 31, 2024
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Check out the link to the NB Staff post here from NewsBusters!

Hours after a jury in far-left Manhattan found former President Trump guilty Thursday on all 34 counts in Soros-backed D.A. Alvin Bragg’s sham trial, Media Research Center’s Founder and President Brent Bozell joined Mark Levin on his syndicated radio show to discuss the MRC’s bombshell study on network coverage of the trial and the “frightening” simpatico between the Biden regime and the liberal, “neo-Marxist” media.

Bozell first went into the numbers of the study from our Curtis Houck and Rich Noyes:

If you look at the network newscast coverage since the beginning of trial of the jury selection, there have been a total of 640 minutes that have been devoted to this. Now, that’s a huge amount and you can say, well, look, it’s a trial where the former President is on trial. So — and I’ll agree with you that it’s an important issue, but I would also remind you that there have been other important trials such as the impeachment of Bill Clinton, such as Benghazi with Hillary, such as an alphabet soup having to do with — with Joe Biden. And there’s been no of that. But let’s put that aside. Look at the 640 minutes. 244 of those 644 minutes have been devoted to attacking Donald Trump. So one third of the coverage that was done on. This was not in any way pretending to be even handed. It was — it was an attack. Now, now let’s look deeper into the numbers and this is where it really is going to get very bothersome....[L]et’s look at how the networks are telling their viewers. Let’s start with the D.A. — Bragg — Alvin Bragg. Who is Alvin Bragg? Well, you know that he’s a Democrat...[H]ow much coverage did they give Bragg? How much coverage did they, did they talk about him?..[O]n NBC News, there were two references to Alvin Bragg. No stories done on ABC. The only time you heard about Alvin Bragg being a Democrat was one sound bite by Donald Trump. On CBS News, there wasn’t a single reference to the political agenda of Alvin Bragg[.]