MSNBC Gives Platform to Radical Pro-Hamas Attorney

connor.williams | July 18, 2014
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You can always count on MSNBC to bring on a radical, seemingly pro-Hamas guest in order to get ‘both sides’ of the argument. On a July 17 special late night edition of All In with Chris Hayes, guest host Ari Melber discussed the news of Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza with a panel of guests.

Melber led off the segment by asking Noura Erakat – described as a human rights attorney by MSNBC – whether the invasion was a “proportionate and precise operation?” Naturally, Erakat went unhinged: “There's nothing proportionate about an all out massacre of civilians who are defenseless...And even assuming that Hamas is as vile as it's been made out to be, nothing justifies this type of disproportionate force upon homes, upon four boys playing hide and seek on the Gaza shore.”