MSNBC: Ignore Record Turn Out, GA GOP Thinks Blacks Too Dumb to Vote!

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 23, 2022
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Despite the doomsayers who claim Georgia’s Republicans are suppressing black voters, the record turnout has effectively blown the myth to pieces. But MSNBC crackpot Nicolle Wallace and lying PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor teamed up during Monday’s Deadline: White House to put words in the mouths of Georgia Republicans and falsely assert they think that black Americans are too dumb to know how to vote or understand “the weight of American democracy.”

Unwavering from her false narrative despite how facts were actively proving her a liar, Wallace recalled how Georgia Republican Governor “Brian Kemp's role in voter suppression in the state of Georgia was so reprehensible” that Major League Baseball moved the All-Star game. “[They] thought that voter suppression law was so offensive, they moved the All-Star game.”

Missing from this point is the fact that the MLB was essentially bullied by the left into moving the game when, in fact, there was no voter suppression going on.

Alcindor agreed, claiming “we are a country with a race problem.”