MSNBC Laments Biden Admin Not Allowed To Follow Science on Masks

Alex Christy | April 21, 2022
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[See NewsBusters for more.]  MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell and her Thursday guests decried the fact that President Biden won’t be able to govern in the name of “health and science” now that his public transportation mask mandate being struck down in federal court.

Apparently unaware that mask mandates are being removed all over the country, Mitchell asked Washington Post White House bureau chief Ashley Parker how the administration could possibly respond, “How does the White House see this unfolding now that they're not asking for a temporary restraining order to continue the masking while the CDC evaluates whether, you know, the uptick in cases from this subvariant is causing more hospitalizations and still on planes, we're seeing the CEOs of various planes, you know, airlines saying masks are off?”