MSNBC: Secrecy of FBI’s Trump Raid as Tight as Bin Laden Raid By SEALs

Nicholas Fondacaro | August 9, 2022
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The lack of transparency from the FBI about their Monday night raid of Mar-a-Lago and the Trump team not releasing the search warrant has left a lot of room for incendiary and impotent hot takes. And it left one MSNBC national security analyst, Clint Watts, room to suggest that the secrecy surrounding the raid was on par with the secrecy of the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden. The network also lamented that this was a distraction from Biden’s “big legislative wins” this week.

Shortly before lunchtime, host Aaron Gilchrist noted that “we heard from local officials that they didn't have any prior knowledge about a search happening at Mar-a-Lago.” He looked to Watts and wondered “How closely held would this have been? Exceptionally so, or sort of in a standard way?”

According to Watts, “I would say second only to the bin Laden raid if I had to guess.” He went on to suggest that the raid was something the FBI would have “rehearsed” and prepared contingencies for.