MSNBC Suggests Bump Stock Ruling Will Lead To Pre-Election Violence

Alex Christy | June 15, 2024
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Reacting to the Supreme Court’s Friday ruling striking down an executive ban on bump stocks, MSNBC’s Joy Reid welcomed Fred Guttenberg, daughter of Parkland victim Jamie Guttenberg, to The ReidOut. While Guttenberg naturally blasted the Court’s decision, he also opined on matters that have nothing to do with gun control, such as claiming Justice Clarence Thomas hates America and that the decision will possibly lead to pre-election violence from MAGA.

Reid simply opened the floor up to Guttenberg, “Fred, I hate that I call upon you and only see you in these circumstances. But I just want to let you respond to what the Court did today.”

Guttenberg claimed that Friday was also the day that “demolition crews started tearing down the building that my daughter was killed in, my daughter and 16 others” and asserted that “because of today's decision, we won't be talking about 15 killed or 20 killed. We'll be talking about 100 killed or 200 killed.”

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