MSNBC Whines: It’s ‘Crazy,’ ‘Racist’ to Decry Journalists Shopping With Kamala Harris

Scott Whitlock | February 18, 2019
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[See NewsBusters for more.] MSNBC journalists and analysts on Monday lashed out at conservative complaints of reporters picking out an “amazing” coat for Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris. MSNBC Live co-host Chris Jansing called the reaction “crazy” and guest Mark Thompson attacked it as racist. MSNBC reporters at a campaign stop over the weekend gushed as they chose an “amazing,” multi-colored coat. CNN reporter Maeve Reston admitted “we kind of forced” Harris to put it on. Chris Jansing on Monday whined, “But people did go kind of crazy on this. They were saying, ‘Journalists shouldn’t be shopping with candidates’ or ‘They shouldn’t be doing these kinds of activities.’”