MSNBC's Nance: The 'Far Right' is Giving Trump Ideas That He Should 'Become a Fascist Dictator'

Ryan Foley | February 19, 2019
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On Sunday, President Trump used a quote from Rush Limbaugh in a tweet, which basically suggested that the investigators behind the Mueller probe ought to be in jail and referred to the probe as "one of the greatest political hoaxes ever perpetrated on the people of this Country."  Not surprisingly, the topic came up on Monday's edition of MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle.  Host Ali Velshi read the tweet aloud, describing Limbaugh as a member of President Trump's "shadow cabinet." MSNBC Terrorism Analyst Malcolm Nance responded to the tweet by saying "you are watching a fundamental attack on the Constitution of the United States" before tearing into "these people on the far right, Rush Limbaugh, the Ann Coulters, (and) the Sean Hannities," accusing them of "giving Donald Trump his ideas that he should become a fascist dictator, that he should become King George IV...and that he should...just start acting like a third world potentate."  According to Nance, "these people do not represent what the values of this nation are; they are literally asking him to destroy the fabric of the United States."