NBC Marvels at DeSantis Winning Majority of Latino Voters in Florida

Nicholas Fondacaro | November 9, 2022
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NBC senior national correspondent Tom Llamas said it best Tuesday night when he noted “Democrats would love these kind of numbers anywhere, specifically Florida,” in response to Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis winning a majority of Latinos in his runaway victory against Democrat Charlie Crist; a bright spot in what turned out to be wet blanket Election Day for Republicans.

As the clock was nearing midnight, NBC’s analysts were in awe of how the Republican Governor did with Latinos. “The Latino vote has been so interesting. We obviously have the results in from Florida, but Democrats cannot take the Latino for granted,” Today co-host Savannah Guthrie said.

NBC Nightly News weekend anchor Jose Diaz-Balart basically explained that Latinos were not a monolith. “I'm convinced that there is no Latino vote,” he said. “There are just Latino voters, and they vote differently depending on their sensitivity, their life experience, even where their parents and grandparents are from.”