NBC Nightly News Laments Bad Inflation Report 'A Challenge' For Biden Campaign

MRC Latino | April 11, 2024
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LESTER HOLT:  We'll turn to the economy. Stock markets way down across the board today. The Dow losing more than 400 points after disappointing news about inflation. The government said inflation accelerated to 3.5% in March from a year ago, that was up from a 3.2% increase in prices in February.

PETER ALEXANDER: Another challenge for the Biden campaign: the economy, with today's headline that inflation ticked up again, even higher than expected. Housing and gas prices accounting for most of it. Overall prices up nearly 19% since president Biden took office. Former President Trump tonight:

DONALD TRUMP: Biden has totally lost control of inflation. It's back. It's raging back. 

ALEXANDER: President Biden saying he's made tremendous progress.

JOE BIDEN: We have dramatically reduced inflation from 9% down to close to 3%...my opposition talks about two things. They just want to cut taxes for the wealthy and raise taxes on other people.