Need to 'Pack the Court': The View Spews Nonsense About SCOTUS

Nicholas Fondacaro | September 12, 2022
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On Monday, the cackling coven of ABC’s The View kicked off the week by spitting venom and spewing nonsense against the conservative justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. Between parroting long-debunked accusations of sexual misconduct, suggesting we needed to pack the court with liberals, and the preposterous claim that people didn’t recognize or talk about a justice’s political persuasion until the “conservative” co-host mentioned it.

The co-hosts were triggered by a video of Chief Justice John Roberts saying he didn’t understand how disagreement over opinions meant the legitimacy of the court was in question. So, unhinged “Republican” co-host Ana Navarro raged as she gave Roberts a “101 explanation for dummies on why Americans think there is a legitimacy issue with the Supreme Court.”

Her first point was peddling the long-debunked accusations against Justices Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh. “[T]here's two Supreme Court justices who have serious sexual harassment or assault accusations against them,” she proclaimed without evidence of actual wrongdoing.