Nets Ignore Comer-Wray Phone Call Amid FBI Stonewalling on Biden Corruption Claims

Curtis Houck | May 31, 2023
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On Wednesday, a phone call between House Oversight Committee Chairman Jim Comer (R-KY) and FBI Director Chris Wray didn’t receive the light of the day on the flagship evening newscasts of ABC, CBS and NBC. In contrast, the call had a full segment on the Fox News Channel’s flagship PM newscast, Special Report.

After a lead-in from fill-in host Gillian Turner, Justice correspondent David Spunt explained that “[t]he high-stakes phone call took place at 1:30 Eastern time” with Wray instructing Comer “he can see the document he is requesting,” alleging corruption on the part of Joe Biden, “but...[h]e has to view it in a secure location at the FBI headquarters” and thus not at the Capitol.