Nets Ignore, But Fox Covers Scandal Brewing With 'Reverend' Warnock Evicting the Poor

Scott Whitlock | October 12, 2022
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[See NewsBusters for more.] All three networks last week eagerly covered the allegation that Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker paid for an abortion in 2009. But this week, with the claim that Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock — a pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Georgia — is part of evicting the disadvantaged, the poor and veterans from a church-owned apartment complex, they’ve shown no such zeal. 

But nothing on these disturbing stories related to Warnock’s church. On Wednesday's Fox and Friends First, however, co-host Todd Piro explained: “Over to Georgia, now, where Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock is reportedly evicting disadvantaged tenants in an apartment building owned by his church. New court documents reveal tenants are being kicked out over as little as $28.55 in past due rent. Many of those are veterans and people with disabilities. All of this while Warnock rakes in a pastoral salary of  $126,000 a year.”