Nets Ignore Radical Provisions in Dems' $3 Trillion Stimulus Package, Urge GOP to 'Compromise'

Ryan Foley | May 14, 2020
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Appearing on NBC’s Today Thursday morning, reporter Tom Costello delivered a report on the economic fallout of Coronavirus. Costello mentioned that “House Democrats are hoping to vote on a new $3 trillion package. That includes money for state and local governments, extends unemployment benefits until July, along with new direct payments for American families.” Costello immediately transitioned into painting President Trump as a soulless leader who does not want to help people facing economic hardship because of Coronavirus, by proclaiming “President Trump saying that’s not going to happen.” Costello proceeded to play a clip of Trump calling the bill “dead on arrival.” Costello did not bother to explain why the President might not want to support the bill, which includes measures that would change election laws, use federal money to bail out blue states, and give stimulus checks to illegal immigrants. On CBS This Morning, reporter Weijia Jiang briefly mentioned that “House Democrats have already put forward another $3 trillion stimulus plan but Republicans have already said it is dead on arrival.” Once again, there was no mention of the bill’s radical provisions. During the opening of Good Morning America, co-host George Stephanopoulos announced that the House Democrats had unveiled a “$3 trillion stimulus bill…with more checks for Americans.” He proceeded to complain that “Republicans are balking” before asking “will they compromise?” Later, reporter Rebecca Jarvis headlined her package by talking about how “the Fed Chair is now warning that if Washington does not act with additional stimulus, the impacts of this economic decline will be long-lasting.” Jarvis brought up the House Democrats’ $3 trillion stimulus bill, mentioning that it would include “another round of direct payments for Americans totaling up to $6,000 per household.” Jarvis announced that “Republican leaders in the Senate have already vowed to block it,” without mentioning the reasons why.