Network Newscasts POUNCE on AZ Abortion Ruling, Hopeful It Helps Biden

MRC Latino | April 10, 2024
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DAVID MUIR: So, this is really shaping up to be an issue that could affect the presidential race in November. Rachel Scott back with us tonight covering the race for president. And, of course, not just in Arizona, but how many presidential battlegrounds, these are the key states in the Electoral College, that help decide the presidential race, will have voters not only deciding in the race for president, but weighing in on the issue of abortion rights?

RACHEL SCOTT: David, we could see this issue on the ballot in several battleground states, including Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada. We know that voters in Florida will have the final say on this issue, and that does raise real questions about whether it puts a state like Florida in play for Democrats. We know President Biden's campaign is counting on this issue to drive voters to the polls this November. As for Arizona, the justices putting that ruling on hold for 14 days, as a lower court reviews it. David? 

MUIR: Rachel Scott, leading us off from Washington. Rachel, thank you.