NewsNation’s Vittert, IDF’s Conricus Tell You How It REALLY Works with Gaza Stringers

Curtis Houck | November 10, 2023
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Continuing NewsNation’s coverage of the Israel-Hamas war that more networks and news outlets should emulate, On Balance host Leland Vittert spent a segment Thursday night laying out no only how the much-reported four-hour pauses in Israel’s war on Hamas were merely word games from the press and White House, but how claims from freelancers for news organizations in Gaza should be taken with a heaping of salt.

Before bringing in the Israel Defense Forces’s indefatigable spokesman Jonathan Conricus, Vittert started with the claims about pauses in fighting as a breaking story.

“It’s perhaps just the latest example of what can be described as spin during the conflict between Israel and Hamas — generously called spin,” Vittert began. “Western media paints this as something new and a big change. Even the National Security Council spokesman called it a big deal. It’s actually not new. Israel has been doing this for a while now.”