Nightline: ‘Ironic’ That Court Discovered Bigotry AGAINST Baker

Scott Whitlock | June 6, 2018
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[See NewsBusters for more.] ABC’s Nightline on Monday night repeatedly pushed the idea that Colorado cake baker Jack Phillips is guilty of bigotry, even finding it “ironic” that the Supreme Court found discrimination against him. In a nearly ten minute segment, Co-host Juju Chang condescendingly lectured Phillips about not baking cakes for gay marriage: “You're well aware that history, historically, businesses have used religious exemptions to deny service to African-Americans at hotels or restaurants.” Chang conceded a claim could be made for a “narrow victory for religious rights activists” after the ruling. But she was baffled at the logic of the Court: “At least four justices affirming gay rights, but ruling in favor of the baker because, ironically, they say it was [Phillips] who faced anti-religious bias, calling out the Colorado Commission's language as disrespectful and hostile towards his sincere religious beliefs.”