Nikki Haley BLASTS Racist 'Sunny Hostin,' Calls Out ABC's Inaction

Nicholas Fondacaro | September 21, 2022
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Following the racist attacks from The View co-host “Sunny Hostin” (a fake name) against former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley for her name and skin tone, Haley appeared on Fox News Channel’s The Faulkner Focus on Wednesday and blasted Hostin and liberal Democrats as “racist” for repeatedly attacking minority Republicans that way. She also called out ABC News for their refusal to take action against Hostin when they would have fired a Republican.

After playing a montage of Hostin’s racist accusations suggesting Haley had changed her name to appear white, host Harris Faulkner was in disbelief. “Wow, she really is that racially ignorant. And your response,” she asked.

Haley took the attack in stride saying this was “not the first time and it won't be the last time that the hosts of The View come after me or that liberals come after me in whatever way.” She boiled down their deep-seated hatred to the fact that “they can't stand the fact that a minority female would be a conservative Republican.”