‘Not a Red Wave’; CBS Hopes Dems Will Focus More on Abortion, Trump to Keep the House

Curtis Houck | August 1, 2022
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Monday’s CBS Mornings kicked off a new week with an examination of their latest Battleground Tracker and a predictable question: What do we – as in Democrats – need to do to keep power? And, as per fill-in co-host Vladimir Duthiers and CBS News elections and surveys director Anthony Salvanto, it’s focus on abortion and Donald Trump to keep women – a key constituency – motivated to vote as, thus far, there’s no sign of “a red wave.”

Duthiers teed up Salvanto with framing that showed viewers it would be more about how Democrats are at risk of losing power and what they need to do to keep it instead of Republicans winning power and having any sort of mandate: “Let's talk the House. What could cause the Democrats to lose their majority?”