‘Not...Bipartisan’; Nets Continue to Seethe Over ‘Most-Right Wing’ Speaker Johnson

Curtis Houck | October 26, 2023
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Following a collective meltdown the night prior, the major broadcast networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC used their Thursday morning news shows to keep up pressure and impress upon viewers that Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) isn’t someone to be trusted given he’s “not...bipartisan” and is not only “right-wing,” but possesses “one of the most conservative records” in a part where “election denialism is...vibrant”.

NBC’s Today saw Capitol Hill correspondent Ryan Nobles get a crack at ripping Johnson after the network had Garrett Haake do it the night prior. Nobles warned “Johnson has not been much of a bipartisan politician” and instead a man with “conservative views on abortion, gay rights, and gun control, and he was a leading voice in Republican efforts to overturn the 2020 election.”