NY Times’ Mara Gay: Republicans Using Walker To ‘Usher In More Voter Repression’

Brent Baker | November 28, 2022
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Racism is behind Republicans picking Herschel Walker as their Senate candidate in Georgia, New York Times editorial writer Mara Gay contended on Monday’s Morning Joe. She charged the Republican party “put forth a candidate who, among other things, is also a black man, to kind of usher in more voter repression and more of what the Republican party stands for, is cynical.” 

She further contended that what makes it “really disturbing to me is just the overall message to voters, black and white, that one black man is just as good as another,” so “it doesn’t matter” if you’re Barack Obama or Rafael Warnock or Herschel Walker. Host Mika Brezezinski agreed the “racist aspect of this is truly insulting.” 

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