Occupy 'Welcoming Committee' Promises Violence at RNC

Joe Schoffstall | July 16, 2012
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A video uploaded by an Occupier under the YouTube account VforVendetta12345678 shows anarchists and radicals have put together a "Welcoming Committee" to protest the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Tampa, FL on August 27-30, 2012.

Within the video the group states, "Black bloc and Anon Bloc tactics are being encouraged because some say liberal protests get nothing done" and that they are "In no way welcoming", while showing pictures throughout of anarchists performing various acts of vandalism. 

They continue, "These protests often result in property destruction and clashes with police, when the more radical groups branch off. If you hope to "peacefully" protest your rights will be respected by radicals. If you are into social warfare, look for a group of people dressed in black."

The group says the protest will be massive and claims 20,000 plus. While they also encourage protesting the Democratic National Convention (DNC) , they say the RNC is much better due to its "high radicalization."

(h/t Moonbat Tracker)