#OccupyDC Mom Who Used Kids To Blockade Door Says She Doesn't Regret It

Corwin Parks | November 11, 2011
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On November 4, 2011, Occupy DC flocked outside of AFP's Defending the Dream Summit held at the Washington Convention Center and began protesting. During the course of the events, the situation turned violent. One instance involved a mother using her kids to blockade the door in which MRCTV's Stephen Gutowski caught on tape.

By sheer luck, just days before on October 31, MRCTV's Dan Joseph asked the lady why she believes the cops haven't broken up their living headquarters at McPherson Square. She responded by saying it was politically expedient for the cops to let them continue.

On November 8, MRCTV's Joe Schoffstall caught up with the lady as they were protesting downtown in retaliation to what happened at the AFP summit. She told us that her and her children 'protest together' and that she doesn't regret placing her kids in front of the door and will continue to do so. She also said it was the police who put her children in danger.

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