Om-ing For Barrett

MRCTVone | June 5, 2012
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At approximately 9:02 on Monday night, about 300 liberals, dedicated to recalling Governor Scott Walker, gathered around the Wisconsin State Capitol Building, held hands and simultaneously meditated.


Seriously. I am not nearly clever enough to make something like that up.

MRCTV was there to catch this fascinating case study in liberal behavior as the protesters approximated the exact time that the "Strawberry Moon"--as they were calling it-- would rise to begin their reflection. Of course, instead of meditating in the glow of lunar luminescence, it began raining.

This is just one of these foolish stunts that almost makes you feel sorry for liberals. Almost. But, I'm guessing you're going to have a pretty good laugh once you see what those leading the effort to recall Scott Walker have reduced themselves to in the hours leading up to election day.

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