To a Perplexed Gore, Chuck Todd Pushes Him to Make Another Presidential Bid

Brent Baker | July 25, 2022
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Chuck Todd ended his Sunday Meet the Press interview with former Vice President Al Gore by urging him to make another presidential run, but Gore seemed confused and taken aback by the suggestion. “I’m not going to let you go without asking you this,” Todd relayed, “Why not you, Al Gore?” Gore was perplexed, “Why not me,” he asked before pausing, “as a candidate?”

Yes, Todd asserted, encouraging a role in “leading a climate change presidential campaign in the future.” Gore demurred (“Oh, well, thank you for making the suggestion. You know, I’m a recovering politician...”), and Todd pressed the issue agenda: “But the idea of climate change and making it the issue, would you like to see more presidential candidates do it?”

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