PM Trudeau: Doubting Climate Change Isn’t a ‘Valid’ View

Eric Scheiner | May 17, 2018
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told graduates of New York University that they should engage in respectful discussions with those they disagree – but those that deny climate change don’t have a valid point of view.

“Now, let me be very clear,” Trudeau said Wednesday. “This is not an endorsement of moral relativism or a declaration that all points of view are valid.”

“Female genital mutilation is wrong, no matter how many generations have practiced it. Anthropogenic climate change is real. No matter how much some folks want to deny it,” Trudeau added.

Declaring that disagreements over global warming (most agree that climates do change) are not valid - and placing that in context with those that support female genital mutilation is certainly a great way to engage in a respectful discussion. Thanks Justin! What a helpful tip for grads.