PROPAGANDISTS: Latino Nets Cheer Court-Packing Bill

MRC Latino | April 15, 2021
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NACHO LOZANO, TELEMUNDO: A revolutionary expansion of the U.S Supreme Court seeks to expand those seats thanks to a bill by the Democrats, from the current 9 Justices to a total of 13. This would be the first Court reform in 152 years. If filed, the bill would face stiff opposition from Republicans. 

ARANTXA LOIZAGA, TELEMUNDO: The Court is currently made up of three liberal Justices and six conservatives, three of which were nominated by the now-former President Trump. The Republican minority has already labeled this Democratic effort as a direct assault on the Judiciary.

BORJA VOCES, UNIVISION: And in Washington, Democrats will file a bill to expand the Supreme Court from nine Justices to thirteen, which Republicans oppose. President Joe Biden announced the formation of a bilateral commission to study the structure of the Supreme Court, 

to wit- the amount of Justices, and the length of their terms. Thus keeping his campaign promise

to unite a divided nation.