Reporters Blow Whistle: White House Provided Biden Interview Questions

Craig Millward | July 9, 2024
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Imagine you are a reporter. Sure, given the sorry state of western journalistic ethics over the past few decades, imagining that you are a reporter could be an uncomfortable exercise. But, pretend, for a moment, you’re working in the field.

Then imagine that you’re not only scheduled to “interview” the current occupant of the office of U.S. President – an office that has taken on so much unconstitutional power that it is the greatest government-encased danger to human liberty ever seen on the planet – but that the federal government not only has been caught trying to get social media to remove or hide stories that might reveal government malfeasance or error, but also has been subsidizing an organization (among many) called NewsGuard, and NewsGuard can unjustly tarnish your reputation and decrease your ability to attract advertisers.