RETREAT: The Networks Fall In Line, Circle Back To Biden

MRC Latino | July 10, 2024
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MARY BRUCE: Tonight, all eyes on President Biden, surrounded by world leaders as he marks the 75th anniversary of NATO.

JOE BIDEN: Welcome.

BRUCE: Using the moment to remind America and the world what he's accomplished.

BIDEN: It's remarkable progress. Proof that our commitment is broad and deep. That we're ready, that we're willing, that we're able to deter aggression, and defend every inch of NATO territory against every domain. Land, air, sea, cyber, and space.

BRUCE: It comes at a key moment in this race. The president under pressure to prove to voters, his party, and our allies that he is up to the task of taking on Trump and governing for another four years.

BIDEN: And Kiev, remember, fellas and ladies, was supposed to fall in five days, remember? Well, it's still standing 2 1/2 years later, and it will continue to stand.

BRUCE: This as Donald Trump holds his first big rally since the debate. He's been off the trail for ten days, laying low and playing golf, while Biden tackles the fallout from his disastrous performance.