Saving Face? CNN Launches ‘Upon Further Review’ Segment With BYU Mea Culpa

Curtis Houck | September 12, 2022
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CNN offered another clue Monday morning into how a properly-run CNN under Discovery and boss Chris Licht might look as New Day introduced a new segment called “Upon Further Review” to reexamine stories that, once facts emerged, showed something was different than the initial narrative. With the ever-pompous John Avlon at the helm, the first installment touched on the debunked claims of racist taunts from Brigham Young University fans to a Duke women’s volleyball player.

Having promoted the story herself, co-host Brianna Keilar began by informing viewers that “[t]wo weeks after a Duke volleyball player alleged she was called racial slurs during a game against Brigham Young University, an investigation into the incident found no evidence to corroborate the report.”