Scarborough Circus: MSNBC Beclowns Itself in Trying to Trash DeSantis, GOP to Save Kamala

Margaret Buckley | July 11, 2022
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Monday’s Morning Joe served as yet another three hour-long rant about the upcoming midterms, anti-Republican rhetoric, and jokes amongst liberal hyenas about how those in opposition to them are "conspiracy theorists," "freaks," and "weirdos." Throw in a nauseating defense of Kamala Harris and it was tire fire that would be offensive to tire fires. Of course, the proceedings were led by co-host and so-called conservative Joe Scarborough. 

At the onset, he made fun of right-wing Americans, those who write for Fox News Digital, and write stories critical of his dear Kamala: “’oh my God, another Kamala Harris story this is great guys look at this, I love this. This proves that I am superior as a white man in my mother’s basement at 44, oh more insults on Kamala Harris.”