Scott Jennings SAVAGES Biden, Stuns CNNSOTU Panel Into Nervous Laughter

MRC Latino | December 31, 2023
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DANA BASH: It- it is New Year's Eve. Thank you for getting up early on New Year's Eve. Let's have a little fun and look ahead. We know the obvious things to look for in 2024. One thing, Kate, that we thought was noteworthy was the president, your former boss, was on his way back from vacation this morning and was asked what his new year's resolution was, and he said, “to be back next year”. 

KATE BEDINGFIELD: Well, we love a New Year's resolution we can keep, right? The best resolutions are the ones you can keep. Look. It is absolutely going to be a rocky and challenging and close campaign. I don’t think there's any doubt about that. I certainly don’t think anyone on the Biden operation has any doubt about that- it’s going to be a challenging campaign. But, you know, I do think it is true that voters have really not dialed in in the way that they’re going to over the coming ten months, as we get into the summer and then, of course, into the fall. So there's an enormous amount of opportunity for the president and his team to chart a course for this race that puts it on ground that is beneficial to him. And I think that's what he's going to do. 

BASH: We only have a couple more seconds. 2024 

SCOTT JENNINGS: I don't bet on politicians, only horses. I'm from Kentucky. I have to say. I have to say- this went- the president is not looking too good in the barn. So I don't know if I would bet on him or not.


BASH: All right. Well, we’re going to have to leave it there. Um. That was- that was rough.