Secret Service Shuts Down Conservative 'Fire Holder' Protest At White House Over 'Bomb Scare'

Corwin Parks | July 2, 2012
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On Monday July 2, 2012, a 'Fire Holder' protest was held at the White House by Conservative activists in response to the Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal involving Attorney General Eric Holder. The protest was cut short due to an unclaimed backpack located near the White House- which police referred to as a "suspicious package."

The event was sceduled to run from 10am-12pm but was halted around an hour in. Later, the owners of the bag returned and claimed it.

Despite the group evacuating PA Avenue and after the bag was claimed, Secret Service continued following them and watching them blocks away despite the group following orders.

The protest was organized by Oliver Darcy.

Reporter: Joe Schoffstall on Twitter.

Camera: Corwin Parks on Twitter. 


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